Jennifer Kaiser []  joined Georgia Tech as an assistant professor in Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth and Atmospheric Science in Fall of 2018. Her Ph.D. research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison involved field measurements of oxidized VOCs and product-based emissions estimates. Dr. Kaiser then pursued postdoctoral research at Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Science, where she examined the use of satellite-based observations to constrain biogenic emissions. The group’s current joint measurement-modeling approach is aimed at studying the impacts of reactive carbon from emission, through oxidation, to removal.


Graduate Students

Chris Yuyang Peng is a PhD student in environmental engineering interested in modeling of various pollutants in the atmosphere using chemical transport models and recent satellite retrievals. Chris received his B.S. and M.Eng. degrees from Washington University in St. Louis.



Asher Mouat is a Ph.D. student in environmental engineering.  Field work thus far includes operation of a PTR-TOF-MS to explore fires in Australia, and deloyments of Pandoras, the PTR, and additional instrumentation to explore air quality in Atlanta during the COVID pandemic. Asher received his B.S. in Computer Science and B.A. in Physics from Emory University.



Abi Lawal is a PhD student in environmental engineering being co-advised under Professor Russell and Professor Kaiser. Her research area focuses on computational modeling with regional chemical transport models such as CMAQ in combination with satellite data products, machine learning and statistics to understand the effect of city infrastructure components on air quality. She holds a BS and MS in Chemical Engineering.



Chunyan (Juin) Ma, co-advised with Dr. Ted Russell, is a visiting PhD student from Beijing Jiaotong University. Her research involves near-road VOC monitoring.


Undergraduate Students

Kristine Ferguson is pursuing a degree in Environmental Engineering with a minor in German. She is interested in air pollution management and her research involves developing a comprehensive indoor air quality monitoring system for the Kendeda Living Building. In addition to being an undergraduate researcher, Kristine manages Outdoor Recreation Georgia Tech’s Wilderness Outpost and is the Vice President of their Bikepacking program.


Jingyi (Joy) Gu is an undergraduate in Environmental Engineering. Her interests are focused on air pollution treatment and sustainable infrastructure. Her current research involves monitoring indoor air quality in the Kendeda Living Building. She is a member of the Chi Epsilon Honor Society.